As a small business owner, it is easy to lose sight of the potential target market audience that resides right in your own backyard. Much of your marketing efforts run on a broader scale, such as targeting a wider audience that reaches across the country and has you not seeing the potential of working locally. Initiating a local SEO campaign can help solve this problem.

What To Do First

To successfully run a local SEO campaign, search engines need to establish a degree of local authority with your business. It occurs as search engines review your content and the format in which it appears. Having your contact information displaying differently on one directory website can be enough to damage the degree of local authority that your company receives. Powerhouse Internet Marketing, a toronto seo agency, regularly monitors how their company information appears online. It is a practice that you can benefit from as well.

Build Local Relationships

As more local customers begin to take notice of your business and start coming in to see what you have to offer, they will share the findings with family and friends. Those individuals will pay you a visit and share their experience with an entirely new circle of potential customers. The cycle continues until much of the town is now familiar with you and your business.


Work to establish positive relationships with local residents as a way to build a local brand awareness for your company. Consider partnering with another local business to expand your market reach to include a new audience of potential customers. For example, a toronto seo agency can partner with a local office supply store to provide both sets of customers with a unique service. Having a positive local SEO campaign strategy in place works to enhance visibility and keep you in business for years to come.

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